Salam, Welcome to our website!

Please watch the video below to understand how our Halal Money Program works. 

The benefits of our Program

You can work from home or anywhere else in the world.

Be your own boss. You can earn as much as you want based on your performance.

We will teach you how to earn more with us the right way.  

We have currently over 500+ Members and pay them regularly.

Here is a picture on how your Dashboard will look like
You can see your custom link which you share to potential customers.
You can also see your messages, payment history and upcoming payments. 

How to join

It cost only £10 to join our program, this is a special offer for limited time. The £5 joining fee covers the cost of our program, staff and 24 hours support. Once you join our program you will stay our member forever and we will help you along the way.  Click the "Join Now" button below to become a Member today and start earning with us.

Questions and Answers

Is this legit?

Answer: Yes this program has been made for you to earn money with us.

How much can I earn?

Answer: You can earn as much as you want, from £200 or to £1000. The more customers you bring the more you can earn.  You will earn 10% commission per Sale. 

How can I see my sales and the customers I bring? 

Answer: You will get your own dashboard where you can see your customers, your custom link, and the amount of money you have earned. 

How will I get paid?

Answer: You will get paid through Paypal or Western-union. 

How much does it cost to Join and is there any extra fees?

Answer: It only cost £5 and you will stay permanent member and there is no extra fees. The £5 fee cover the cost of our program, staff and 24 hours support.

Can anyone join and what do I need?

Answer: Anyone can join from any country and you need a Phone or Laptop to get started. 

Will I get help on how to get customers?

Answer:  Yes, we will provide you step by step guide after you have joined. 

How do I join?

Click the "Join Now" button below!

Contact us if you have any questions or talk to us through our "live chat"

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