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Who are we?

Getdawah is a Muslim company based in London and we have been operating since 2015. We sell over 100s of amazing products to Muslims Worldwide. We have hundreds of customer reviews on our products and thousands of customers worldwide. We are are growing faster than ever and now you have now the opportunity to join our company and start earning money with us.

The benefits of our Program

You can work from home or anywhere else around the world..

Be your own boss. You can earn as much as you want based on your performance.

We will teach you how to earn more with us the right way.  

How it works

You'll get paid from 10% to 20% commission from each customer that buys from our website through you. Whenever you send someone over to our website and they make a purchase then you will get paid commission from that purchase.  Once you join our program, you'll get your own account and a dashboard where you can see your payments, messages, product photos and much more. You will get more information on how to promote our product and how to get the right customers once you join.

Below is a picture on how your Dashboard will look

How much can you make

You will earn 10% to 20% commission per sale depending on the products that you sell. You will get paid every week directly to your account. From a £100 purchase you can earn £20 straight in to your account. If you can get at least 1 or 2 customers a day, you could earn up to £500 per Month. Bring 5 customers a day and you can earn up to £1000 per Month. The more customers you bring the more you will earn.

How to join

Anyone from around the world can join and start earning with us right away. You will need to have a phone and internet connection. We will show you how you can find more customers and how you can grow your income with us. A step by step guide will be provided to you after you join our program. We are only accepting 100 new members to our program at the moment. The price of our program is half price for limited time so it costs only £5 to join our program. Our company 100% secure and safe.  Once you join our program you will stay our member forever and we will help you along the way. Click the "Join Now" button below to become a Member today and start earning with us halal money.

Contact us if you have any questions or talk to us through our "live chat"

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